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Hello everyone, this is Vivek. First of all, welcome to my blog. I am studying in Diploma in Electrical Engineering. I am from a small village from Muzaffarpur Districts of Bihar (India). I am currently a college going student. I have passion about technical things and that's make me to create this blog about Technology. Because we know that, the current era is being modern and digital by use of new technology.

My motive of creating this blog is only that I can make you learn about trending technology being discovered. This will make a clear understanding of what's going now-a-days. My hobby is to play cricket. I am interested in football also. I love to help the needy people. I love mainly natural things as like birds, animals, sceneries and many things. 

About Learn Trend:

This is the website for providing article related to tech, knowledge and trending topics. Learn Trend is a site for multi-niche blogging. This website is about technology and emerging innovation. Here you will get tips and tricks, how to, the unbiased tech review of products. and more technology related articles. The aim of this site is to provide step (procedure) to solve many problem arising in this digital era.

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Name: Vivek Kumar
Qualification: Diploma in Electrical Engineering
Place: Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India
Personal email: vy282377@gmail.com

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