How to Turn Off Google Assistant in Android

Google assistant is a product from company Google which provide help for controlling things smartly by simpling speaking 'Ok Google'. This assistant is very smart can respond to you like real human. It answer your questions smartly. It is very helpful in modern day.

But, this can be very bothering through this is little much sensitive. It can activated automatically whenever it listen 'Ok Google' or without listening 'Ok Google' by misunderstanding the voice. 

Even, I have encounter this problem when I was playing Game, it pop up automatically even I have not said the wake up word 'Ok Google'.
This can result in bothering. 
Many people don't know how to turn off Google assistant in android. I am going to share my solution to this problem to turn Off Google Assistant in Android. 

Before Starting the steps for solution of this problem, I am going to introduce you about Google Assistant in short.

What is Google assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant(helper) powered by Artificial Intelligence. It was developed by Google and Dialogflow on 18 May 2016. You will be amazed by knowing that it's voice is not a computer generated voice. It is voiced by Kiki Baessell. It is programmed with programming language C++ . It is available in more than 30 languages and 90 countries. It has more than 500 millions user every month. There is also many option to change the voice of the google assistant.

What a Google Assistant can do?

You can sinply ask to google assistant that what it can do. It can do task such like scheduling an event, setting an alarm, texting a message , sending message over whatsapp, turning on/off Flashlite, Calling, Checking weather.

Apart from doing simple task, it can also entertain you by telling joke, poem, riddles and playing game.
It can make your google search easily by telling simply 'search for library'. It can talk like a human to some extent. It can also help in playing video. 

It will also help you in playing Youtube Video and launching any application.
It is a very helpful technique to everyone especially for visually challenged and handicapped. 

Compatible Devices:

  • Android
  • iOs
  • Chromebook
  • Google smart Speakers
  • Android TV
  • Pixel earbud
  • Pixel devices

A device with following specifications are compatible:
  • Android 5.0+ with at least 1.0GB of available memory or
  • Android 6.0+ with at least 1.5GB of available memory
  • Google Play services
  • Google app 6.13 or higher
  • 720p or higher screen resolution
  • Device's language set to a language listed in official website.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant in Android:

1. Open Setting > Google > Account Services

How to Turn Off Google Assistant in Android

2. Click on Search,Assistant and Voice.

3. Then,  Tap on Google Assistant.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant in Android

4.Scroll down and Go to General.

5. Then, Toggle Off the Google Assistant.

And finally you have got rid of Ok Google. The Google Assistant on Your device is finally disabled. You can enable the Google assistant setting by following the above steps and Switching on the Google Assistant setting.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant in ChromeOs:

On Your Chromebook, you can do following steps to Turn off Google Assistant easily:
  1. Click on Time on bottom right and Open Setting.
  2. From Setting, Go to Search, Assistant and Voice.
  3. Select Google Assistant and click Settings.
  4. From Device, Click on your Chromebook.
  5. Toggle off the Google Assistant.
Through, you can't completely turn off the Google Assistant but can disable auto 'Ok Google' detection. 

How to turn off the Google Assistant on Google Smart Speaker:

To turn off the Google Assistant on your smart speaker devices, You can simply press the mute button give on your device or simply power off. This will prevent the device to detect your voice and making it unable to work. 
If you want to, control the device again, simply you have to unmute the device by pressing mute button again.
Conclusion: Through, this is a smart assistant and very helpful in controlling smart devices . I have made you learnt about how to turn off Google assistant in Android. It's also very useful in scheduling event, calling anyone by simply saying 'Call Tom' , Sending text messages and many more task.

 Even, it is very useful but can create bothering by any reason. It make your device's mic always on to detect your voice. The voice is also recorded, if leaked anyhow it can create opportunity for Scamster to interpret the voice in wrong way and can lead to trouble for you.

Hope, you guys will be able to know How to turn off Google assistant in Android, Chromebook, Google Home smart Speakers. If you feel any problems doing that, please comment below I will be happy to help you. Thank you very much for reading article .

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