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 As we know that, in India the documents matter most. A person can be denied for a facility or his right if he/she fail to prove it by a valid document.

In India, there are many documents issued for the proof of identity. Aadhar card, Voter ID, Ration card, PAN card and many identity card a person can have. These card necessity is different for different purposes.

As name suggest, Voter ID is used for making vote and electing the government representatives at different level. Voter ID is also known as EPIC(Electors photo identity card).The Voter ID also reduces fraud. This Card is vital for making a great changes to our nation. As to avoid fraud, the process is complex as well as slow. Most of the people doesn't have Voter card because they don't want to waste their time for issuing voter card.

In this article, I will cover:

How to apply Voter ID?
Structure of Voter ID
How do I register to Vote?
Eligibility to Apply Voter ID
How to verify Voter ID?
Voter ID correction
NRI Voter ID
Track Voter ID

Structure of Voter ID

It consists following details of card holder:

A unique serial number
Father's name
Date of Birth
Address( Back Side )
Officer signature ( Back side )

Valid Documents required for Voter ID card:

proof of identity
proof of address

Voter ID card Eligibility:

An Indian citizen
Must be above 18 years
Have sound mind
Apply from Approved website & Centers
Free if criminal charges
Not be bankrupt

To get ride of complex process and losses of time, I am going to describe the whole process easily. Here you are definitely going to be benefited. So let's move on..

How to apply for a Voter card?

Method 1(online)

Step:1 Download Voter helpline app.

Step:2 Register as a new electoral.

Step:3 Click on Forms and then Apply online.

Step:4 Click on New Voter registration.

Step:5 Fill up the Form 6 .

Step:6 Upload the required documents and Submit.

Step:7 Preview the details and re-verify and then Confirm.

Step:8 Application successfully submitted. Note down the application id for tracking status in future.

Note: If your age is 21+ then you have to upload Age declaration form(download link is available in app)

Method 2(online)

Step:1 Go to NSVP official site.

Step:2 Click on  Login\Registered.

Step:3 Enter the details like Name, DOB, Address, and upload required documents such as proof of Address and DOB proof.

Step:4 After filling all the necessary details, just click on Register.

Step:5 Check the Email inbox and click on link after email received from NSVP.

Step:6 One can track status of their application and can get Voter ID in few weeks.

Method 2(Offline)

Step:1 Visit the BLO(Booth Level Officer) and obtain Form 6. 

Step:2 Fill up the details and Submit along with Date of  Birth proof(Birth certificate, Class 10th passing certificate) and Residential proof. If you haven't any mentioned certificate, then you have to submit an affidavit.

Step:3 Submit all the required documents asked by BLO or mentioned above and submit it to the BLO.

Step:4 After submission and verification process completed, you will be provided with Voter ID.


How to verify Voter ID online?

Step:1 Go to NSVP official site.

Step:2 Select "Search in electoral roll"

Step:3 Click on "Search by EPIC no. " 

Step:4 Fill Voter ID and State and then Search and verify.


If you have any doubt, feel free to ask:

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