How to lock fb profile 2021 easy tricks

There are many reasons one may need to lock his/her facebook profile,  may be  for the privacy purposes. Facebook has now introduced a feature to lock facebook profile. After using this feature, only your friend can see your post. This feature is specially designed for Indian people specially women, who want to protect their privacy. Actually Facebook has extended its existing profile picture guard to lock profile. So read this full article and you will learn how to lock fb profile.

Using this feature, you will have more control over who can see your post. Once this feature is enabled you have more access to many new feature related to privacy protection. After this feature is enabled, an indicator will show that your profile is locked to any unknown person. This feature is somewhat similar to that of Instagram profile locked feature.

How to lock fb profile 2021 easy tricks

You may also need to lock your facebook profile currently or in near future. You will be able to know how to lock fb profile by this article. Here I am going to guide you step by step to enable this feature.

Steps:How to lock Fb profile 2021 easy tricks

Step 1: Tap more under your facebook Name.

Step 2: Click on Lock Profile.

Step 3: Finally click on Lock your Profile again to confirm.

When this feature is enabled, you will not be able to post to the public. Hence nobody will be able to see your post except person in your friend list. If you want to make your post visible to public, then you have to unlock your profile. So, this was the new feature of the Facebook and I have Illustrated step by step. If you have any confusion then you can comment in comment box.

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In this post I have make you learn about how to lock fb profile 2021 easy tricks. Hopefully you have been familiar with new facebook features. If you need any help related to tech then just ask by commenting below this post.

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