How to deactivate Instagram account 2020 android

Instagram is a most popular social media platform having great features of sharing photos and short videos. Initially the platform was popular among celebrities, but now-a-days it has become most popular among individuals and is also used to highlight public issue. As we have recently seen that many of the public issue or protests came in limelight due this platform. This is simply done when any individual post any pictures and video of any event of protests using hashtag. There are also disadvantages of this platform as facebook or any platforms have.

How to deactivate Instagram account 2020 android

Instagram became the medium to circulate fake news knowingly or unknowingly by the people. Users may get much hate, if you posted something inappropriate or unacceptable. Sometimes photos or videos of any person get viral that make user angry. Sometimes it also become that other uses to steal other photos and videos without their permission and used to blackmail. There should be many reasons one may want to deactivate their Instagram account for temporary. You can also opt to delete it permanently.

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For deactivation of Instagram account, Instagram provide two options. You can either delete it permanently or deactivate it temporarily. You can delete your Instagram account permanently to permanently remove the photos and videos shared by you on Instagram platform using your Instagram account. If  you want to take a brake , then you should deactivate your account. Deactivating your account won’t delete your photos and videos, it will not be unavailable to any other user during the deactivation period. After you recover your account, then your photos, videos everything will be recovered as normal. Here, I am going to guide you step by step to make you know How to deactivate Instagram account 2020 android.

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How to deactivate Instagram account 2020 android easily?

Follow these steps to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account:

Step:1 Open your browser from your smartphone or your computer.

Step:2 Search and go to Instagram.

Step:3 Log into your account which you want to deactivate.

Step:4 Click on profile icon after login into account.

Step:5 Select the Edit profile option and then Temporarily disable my account from Bottom right.

Step:6 A drop-down menu will appear that will ask Why are you disabling your account? give the proper reason.

Step:7 Enter the password and click on Temporarily Disable Account.

Step:8 And your account is now temporarily deactivated.

So, this all was the steps for How to deactivate Instagram account android 2020 easily.

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How to reactivate the deactivated Instagram account?

When you want to use the Instagram using the deactivated account, then simply login into your account using username or email-id and password. Login into your deactivated account will recover your account. If you don’t want to deactivate your Instagram account, then there is option using that feature you can block a particular person or you can set your post to private.

Instagram is trying to improve the platform by introducing various features. Recently, Instagram has introduced a fact-check program that enabled user to flag fake statements or news on the platform. You can also block or report a person who is bullying you using ‘Restrict’ option.

Hence, my motive to describe the process of How to deactivate Instagram account 2020 android.


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