Rs 49000 iPhone 7 available at Rs.17000, Galaxy S9 with 60000 available at Rs.18000; The biggest deal for smartphones

 The higher the price of the smartphone, the more it will be equipped with luxurious, smart and advanced features. This category includes expensive flagship smartphones from iPhone to Samsung or other companies. Everyone wants to buy such a smartphone, but their price tag is hard to consider for buying for a common man. I am going to discuss the method for buying expensive phone like this at greatest discount. Refurbished smartphones can become the best option for such customers, as these phones get up to 80 percent discount.

First of all know what are refurbished phones?

E-commerce companies buy smartphones from customers due to exchange offers. After this, if there is any problem in these smartphones, then they are corrected. Also, their bodies are changed and made completely new. You will also get warranty for the products. The warranty is called Gadgetwood warranty cards. This warranty is for 6 months or more. These smartphones are called refurbished. The company then sells them afresh with a discounted price. Flipkart has also created a platform called (2gud) for refurbished items.

Great offer on refurbished smartphones

iPhone under Rs.5000: The price of refurbished iPhone starts from Rs. 5000 . However, at this price you will get iPhone 4s. By the way, the online price of the new iPhone 4s is currently approx Rs. 11,000. If your budget is between Rs.10,000 and Rs.12,000, then you will be able to buy iPhone 6. The price of 32GB model of iPhone 6 is near about Rs. 25,000, but its refurbished model will be available for just Rs. 12,000. Similarly, you can buy iPhone 7 (32GB) at the price of Rs. 18,000.


Refurbished iPhone model



Refurbished Price

New Price


IPhone 4S (16GB)

Rs 4,690

Rs 10,999


IPhone 5 (16GB)

Rs 6,549

Rs 8,999


IPhone 6 (32GB)

Rs 12,099

Rs 25,199


IPhone 7 (32GB)

Rs 17,499

Rs 49,000


IPhone 7 Plus (128GB)

Rs 28,999

Rs 64,597


IPhone 8 (64GB)

Rs 27,999

Rs 59,999




Samsung Refurbished Smartphone: If you like Samsung's premium smartphones then here is a long list of refurbished smartphones of this company for you. You can buy a smartphone worth up to Rs.50,000 by spending only Rs. 15,000. For example, a refurbished model of Samsung Galaxy worth Rs. 50,000 can be purchased at the price less than Rs. 20,000.

Samsung Refurbished smartphone model



Refurbished Price

New Price


Galaxy A70s (8GB + 128GB)

Rs 19,999

Rs 34,999


Galaxy S8 (4GB + 64GB)

Rs 17,999

Rs 49,999


Galaxy S9 (4GB + 64GB)

Rs 17,999

Rs 59,999


Galaxy A9 (6GB + 128GB)

Rs 17,999

Rs 29,999


Note: The price may vary from site to site. At the same time, great deals are also available on them during festive season or second sale. In such a situation, you can buy them even more cheaply.



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