How to watch youtube videos together with your friends remotely

 The world is changing day by day. A new world is also established online. In present scenario, almost every person has a smartphone and internet connection. Due to  pandemic situation created all over the world, physical distance between friends, relatives has reduces significantly.

 I am going to discuss the two steps to watch video together.

Are you missing those moments, then you don’t need to worry, because today I am going to describe the steps through which you can watch youtube videos online together with your friends. You can also chat at any instant after pausing the youtube video on all connected devices. User can also send emojis, text message, stickers to each other.

Steps to watch youtube video together with your friends(Airtime):

1)     Go to Playstore on your smartphone and search “Airtime”.

2)    After installation, open the app and click on “Get started”.

3)    Enter your mobile no. and verify it using OTP received.

4)    After verification, click on “Create Room” option.

5)    Add other user on this app repeating the same process.

6)    Now, Just tap on Youtube app and enjoy watching together.

It’s same like video streaming app. Where you can enjoy the moment with your friend.

How to start streaming video

To start watching video all you have to do is to send alert to all connected friends by clicking on hand button in Room.When all friend have join the room then select the video by clicking on popcorn icon. Post to Room Button to start watching.

Step to watch(share) anything together with your friends(Meet):

1)      Go to Playstore and install “Google meet” or Open Google Meet online.

2)     After installation, give all the permission to the app.

3)     Click on New Meeting and share the meeting link to your friends.

4)     To stream you just have to Start presenting screen.

5)     After all of your friend have join start streaming youtube video and whatever you want.

It is mostly used for online classes and if you have any doubt for setting any feature of a device.

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