Delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone

 There are millions of WhatsApp users in modern days. Sending and receiving message has become easy now with WhatsApp. If you have sent a message and want to unsent it , there is an option in WhatsApp named ‘DELETE FOR EVERYONE’. But the feature only delete message for everyone within an hour.

What if you send unknowingly a private message or a private photo and the message is later than one hour, then you can’t delete message for everyone with present WhatsApp feature.

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Almost every WhatsApp user know that you can delete WhatsApp message or photo using Delete For Everyone feature. But the negative side is that if the message is one hour older then you will not be able to Delete the messages, photo or video. After one hour, only delete for me is present, this will only delete message from your chat window.

Here is the tips to delete the message, photo and video for everyone.

How to Delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone

Step:1 Note down the date and time of the message you wish to delete for everyone.

Step:2 Firstly make the internet connection off.

Step:3 Go to settings and then click on App/App manager.

Step:4 Click on WhatsApp and click on Force Stop.

Step:5 Again Go to setting and Go to Date & Time option.

Step:6 Here you will find Use network provide time zone/Automatic time zone/ Time zone.

Step:7 Set the Date & Time within one hour of message date & time you want to delete.

Step:8 Again go to WhatsApp, where you will see Today instead of the previous date(note down date).

Step:9 Long press the message and photo you want to delete and then click on Delete For Everyone.

Step:10 After this step, you have to make the internet connection on and set the today time.

Step:11 And it has now deleted from the receiving end chat box also.

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Here you have learnt to delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone. If you have any problem regarding technology or utility then you can comment down. I will be happy to help you.

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