7 Secret feature of Android 11

 It launches Apps 20% faster       

Easy for screen recording 

Chathead conversation feature in-built for every  app

App permission auto-denied when app not used for long time.

After announcements in February, the latest version of Android 11 is released now on Tuesday. Recently, it can only be used In Pixel Smartphone of Google. The new update of Android will be available for other Android user in  a  weak.

Oppo, Realme, Xiomi, Oneplus and other Smartphone brands is trying to get update of Android 11 in their upcoming latest Smartphone. According to media report, this update will launch apps 20 percent faster than its previous version.

Some new feature of upcoming Android 11:

1)      Screen Recording:

The feature is as easy like taking screenshot. Using this feature, user can record his/her activities in video format. Through this feature was already in previous version of Android, but in this version it has become much easy now. The feature will be in-built with Android.


2)      Chatting:

Swiping down the home screen was accessing the notification panel in previous version of Android. Now after update of Android 11, when you swipe the home screen there will be two parts. One is notification panel and other is Conversation panel.

It was seen that many time, a message in notification was not seen because of heavy no. of notification.  Now there is a separate panel for conversation.

It is same like Facebook messenger’s chat head conversation feature.

3)      Smart controlling app:

In this feature, pressing the power button for long time will access you to smart device controller. This feature is used for controlling the smart device like TV, AC, Refrigerator, smart watches and many other wireless control devices.


4)      Bed-Time mode:

This mode is used when you are going to bed. This feature will turn the screen Black & White and also turn on Do Not Disturb.


5)      Music control:

If you are tired of connecting again and again to Bluetooth devices for music playing, then connecting the device with turning on Airplane mode.  It will make the connection continuously and you will be able to listen the music without any interruption.

6)      Smart Folder:

If you are weird of making separate folders for separate categories of apk file, then the feature in upcoming version of Android will automatic manage to create separate folder for different categories file using smart folder feature.


7)      App permission option:

This feature will automatically manage to deny permission of any application that is not used for a long time. In the previous version, when permission is once allowed it will access your data forever like location, contacts, sd card etc.


The new update of Android will have the feature as stated above. Google Pixel Smartphone user will be able to update to new version of Android. The other Smartphone user will have to wait for one or two weak.

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