5 Ways to make 50$ or more in a day

Do you have skill and you don't know how to earn money online. Your online presence will make you earn money. 

There is a mindset among people that one can't earn online, but this is wrong. During this digital era, you can earn much money as like a profession.

There are many ways to make money through internet. Some of the method are listed below.


1: Blogging

You can earn money through blogging by writing blog on your personnel website. Now-a-days building a site is not a hard work.
There are many site that help you to make your own blog or site as like Blogger, wordpress, wix and many more.
Based on clicks on ads or ads watched by user. Approx 100$ - 200$ for new user.


2: Freelancer

This is another method of earning online. You will also gain popularities by writing article and can be hired by big websites.
Another benefit is that your writing and thinking skill also get developed.
Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, Designhill and many more.
Approx. 50-70$ per article


3: Internship

This is also the best way to make money online for student for part time. Data entry, Content writing, web development, Web designing, App development and many more are the basic work.
100$ - 200$ per task approx.


4:Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is best earning method for social media influencer and if you have more audience. You have to share your thought about the product for sponsoring. Don’t promote the product when you haven’t faith on the product.
Amazon associate, eBay partner, Shopify affiliate program, clickbank etc
100$ -  500$/month


5: YouTube

This is the most common way for earning money by posting video on youtube. If you are skilled in any particular realm then you can post course, how to, tutorial.
You just have to enable monetization and start earning.
60$ - unlimited based on ad watched by viewer.




I have listed the best 5 method to earn money online. The only thing you have to do is to maintain continuity in any of the field stated above.
Hope this article will make you rich.

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